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2 Acres For Sale in Beattyville, KY
2 Acres For Sale
Beattyville, KY
Donald McIntosh
four sale located in lee county ky on idmay rd off ky 587.all land is double braced posted posted holes fence with treated wood and stell post ever 6 to 8 feet apart also barb wired.on the land you have a barn that is 12 by 100 feet made out of popler wood with a 28 gage roof the post on the barn are treated with a bag of concreat in each hole.it has 6 stalls 1 stalls1 4/2 by 10 3 stalls are 10x12 and 1 stall is is 12x20 floored also used as a corn crib or a hay loft.5 doors on each side of bard 2 4/2 by 10 feet stalls is a cafe stall.there is a cattle head catcher in the barn.also 2 big truck loads of mimosa fire wood and 500 feet of popler lumber.you have city water available 30 feet from the bard metor is also set and spiket is also close to the barn.land is 1/2from the booneville rd and mins from downtown beattyville and 5 to 10 mins to downtown booneville.and with in walking dintens of save-a-lot,doller genral,bobcat resrent,world finance,gym,vet clince,car wash.great place to build a house or put a trailer if not for that good place to raise horse's or put a couple head of cattle or use the bard for hog's or chicken's for more info call donald mcintosh at 606 464 8662 or 606 521 7483 or call brian angel at 606 464 3663 between 8:00am and 8:00pm or 606 464 3611 and leave me a message and i will call you back asap or email me at signature33live.com or face book me brian angel the asking price is 47,500.00 obo....
- 2 acres
a 12 by 100 foot barn with a 28 gag ten roof 6 stalls 1 hen hen house floored 1 feed house floored
Area Information:
within mins of downtown beattyville 5 to 10 mins of booneville walking distance of save-a-lot, dollar general, bobcat resrent, world finance, gym, vet clinic, car wash.
  • Arena
  • Barn
  • Fenced
  • Pasture
Potential Uses
  • Cattle Farm
  • Horse Farm
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