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Exiss 3-Horse Trailer in Omaha, NE
Exiss 3-Horse Trailer
Omaha, NE
Susn Brezack
2001 Exiss GNHC-720 Maximum SX Extra 3-horse trailer purchased 2003. New tires. Newly refinished dressing room, 6ft short wall, 8ft 4" long wall with solid wood ceiling and floor., Long wall contains 2 floor to ceiling cabinets each 2ft wide with hanging area, 2 small drawers and large storage area with a ceramic like counter top 4ft 3" long x 18" wide with a 18" x 13" under cabinet and a 3ft x 18" foot box along sleeping wall, Courier ceiling air and heater. 2 outside axcess under manger storage, stall mangers are 20" wide 38" long , rear 3saddle fold-in tack. Stall area rubber floor mats, 7ft tall, 1st stall escape door, 7ft 3" long, 34" wide, capable of stallion panel, 2nd & 3rd stalls 5ft long, 34" wide, with 2 mangers
Model:720 Maximum
Size:3 Horse
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