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Bits for Sale

Various Bits for Sale in Painesville, OH
Various Bits for Sale
Painesville, OH
Samantha White
I have multiple different bits. 3 eggbutt jointed copper snaffles, 1 Myler low port D ring, 1 Myler low port eggbutt comfort snaffle w/ hooks, 1 western O ring show snaffle, 1 Myler full cheek comfort snaffle w/ hooks, 1 D ring copper and steel roller snaffle, 1 Coronet half cheek Dr Bristol driving bit, 1 Kimblewick Mullen slotted bit, 1 Korsteel JP 3 ring elevator bit, 1 slow twist Pelham bit with double link curb chain, and 1 Lemetex Pelham jointed bit. All are stainless steel and in good condition. Inquire for sizes, pictures, and prices, serious inquiries only. Willing to negotiate prices. I will meet you somewhere so you don't have to drive to Painesville
Saddle Size:0
Shipping:Pickup only
Created: 6/7/2016 | Last update: 6/8/2016 | Views: 544 | Report a Problem