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13 acre Farm with 7 Bedroom House
Volin, SD
Price: $350,000
The land slopes gently from west to east, and has slightly risen shoulder towards the north. Various trees occupy this shoulder, as well as a few strategic places on the lowers slopes. It is an effective guardian against assaults from blowing snow, fierce winds and serves as a shelter for wandering wildlife. There varieties of native grasses, flowers and shrubs, all enhanced by a modest apple orchard, groupings of domestic bush and bloom, and a graceful willow who tends the north lawn.

The two main barns are surrounded by native grasses in season, and native mud or ice in some other times

The land is well drained, productive and farm able.
- 13 acres (6 ac pasture/3 ac wooded)
- Property tax: $1,700.00
- 7 Bedroom(s)
- 2 Bath(s)
- Appx 3900 sqft
- Basement
- Central AC
- Gas Heat
- Well Water
- Built in 1903
The large three-story house has about 17 rooms. It utilizes either its own well water, or rural water. A simple switch in the basement utility rooms determines rural or well water. Rural electric comes to the house and all the outbuildings. Several lines have been buried, but not all. The best available entertainment options are Directv fro television and Wild Blue for internet. At PRESENT, NO BUNDLING IS OFFERED for Internet, Tv and/or phone/mobile services.

Their a glorious kitchen approximate 16'x28'with yellow walls, white cabinets and a huge expanse of periwinkle counters. The floor is dark pine.

The main floor is hardwood and consists of a small library, den, guest room and laundry. From the library, a short sleep flight of stairs takes you to the upward landing. There is one full bath with an enormous amount of storage. Three bedrooms open out onto the small hallway. Next to the bathroom door is a slender book shelf, and beyond that is the single window looking out into the yard towards the willow.

Back down the stairs, through the library and laundry, you step into the kitchen. Happy yellow walls a mellow under the arched white cathedral ceiling. At the northwest corner of the kitchen, wide wooden steps take you safely to the basement. You walk forward down a short wide hallway into a small open TV room. from ther you can see the full bath room and two bedrooms. Behind, you turn to gaze out one of the fivr huge sliding windows. You walk nback into the short hallway again, this time noticing the HVAC room behand the wall on your left. You turn a corner and observ three doors. The door to the left leads into the maintenance/utility rooom, the door in front of your opens into the third bedroom and the door to your right reveals a huge black space. Flip the switch by your right hand and you're stand in a windowless room 16'x20'. The walls are pale yellow and covered by large shelves. TYhis is the storage and workshop area. A small door from the shop leads to a room next to and under the stairs.

The room is used as our pantry and tornado shelter. It has additional framing for a second ceiling both for protection and to hang plants for drying.
There are several outbuildings. The main big was build for larger hoof stock such as horses and cattle. It was a dairy for years. It has concrete floors, a huge 2 story hay-mow, updated wiring and indoor water. A slightly smaller barn on the hill also has concrete floors, but the ceiling is lower and the hay mow more suited to square bales. It has an attached shed. A third small barn was used as a garage. A large, bright chicken coop faces south with bright cheery windows. There is a huge Morten building, used as a shed for the machines. Five large silver grain bins dot the area near the building
Area Information:
The main road is maintained by the Township (Walshtown Twnsp). They keep it nice. There is a lovely lake (Marindahl) just slightly less that four miles were we fish and swim. We are on a migratory path for both geese and Monarch butterflies.
  • Barn
  • Fenced
  • Pasture
  • Woods
Potential Uses
  • Aquaculture
  • Grain Crops
  • Homestead
  • Horse Farm
  • Orchard
  • Organic
  • Sod Farm
  • Tree Farm
  • Vacation
  • Vegetable Crops
  • Vineyard
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