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Paint for Sale

Slokie in Whitesboro, TX
Beautiful Paint Mare - Bomb Proof
Whitesboro, TX
Anja Kring
Slokie is a very gentle mare around 10 years old. She came to me as a rescue and I have enjoyed her a lot. I just can't keep all the horses I save. I'm not in a big hurry to sell her. I am trying to find her a good home.

She does great with beginners and/or kids. She is not afraid of anything. We ride her on the highway, through water, around cows and horses, across the railroad tracks, etc. If you leave on this horse you know you'll come back.

Since she is such a calm and gentle horse, I mainly used her to pony my young horses. But I have ridden her in the arena and she did great. She gives to the bit, she bends nicely, neckreins, stops and backs up, knows haunches in, shoulder in, turns on the haunches, has very nice upward and downward transitions, etc.

She also opens and closes gates and is a fast learner when I show her new tricks. She learned to spin in a circle on command in only one day. She also rides very well without saddle, in a halter, and even with nothing more than a rope around her neck.

Slokie is really a great horse.
She does have a scar on her left hind foot. It does not seem to bother her, but when her toe gets too long she starts twisting that leg. I have it under control by taking the toe off her hoof every so often. Like I said, it doesn't affect her function, she doesn't really have a preferred side and picks up both leads.

If you are interested just call or email and you are more than welcome to come by and meet her! Price is negotiable, we just want her to go to a good home.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Cell: 940-641-9229
Email: anjakring@gmail.com
10 yrs
15 hh
  • Broodmare
  • Cross Country
  • Endurance
  • Family
  • Hippotherapy
  • Lessons
  • Recreational
  • Therapeutic Riding
  • Trail Riding
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