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I Miss My Pa The Most! eBook in Lodi, CA
I Miss My Pa The Most! eBook
A Western Frontier eBook Story!
Lodi, CA
Raymond Cook
I Miss My Pa The Most! 2015 by Raymond Cook is a 385 page heart-wrenching story about Christopher and Shannon Rose OShea who lived in Marble, Colorado in 1898. The couple has a daughter, Emma, aged eight. After a stove pipe fire erupts downstairs everyone must escape out a small cabin window onto a roof and jump down. Shannon suffers burns to the side of her head, cheek, neck and right arm. Christopher dies in the fire and she watches in despair as their cabin and barn burn to the ground clutching her daughter.
Emma is devastated over the loss of her father. Shannon must find someone to take her and her daughter in as winter approaches. She and her daughter are taken in by their good friend Cheryl Liley. It takes months for Shannon to heal from her burns but accepting the loss of the man she loved and the father of Emma will take longer. She feels that no man will ever want to marry her now and that shell have to raise her daughter alone.
When spring arrives, Shannon remembers that her husband had an older brother Lance in the town of Garnet, Montana. He agrees to take her and her child in. With the help of the towns Parson, Thomas OMalley, townsfolks raise the funds needed to help get Shannon and Emma to Montana. But the last leg of her journey wont be easy to say the least.
Indians, grizzly bear, wolves, highwaymen and a rancher who betrays her will whittle away at the last bit of hope Shannon has for her and her daughter to reach Garnet alive. But to her dismay when she finally reaches the town, she learns her husbands brother Lance died in a mine cave-in. Theyre broke and camped at the edge of town and believe theres no hope left.
But the towns Reverend talks to Kenneth Buchanan, a farmer who agrees to take her and her daughter into his home. But the women of Garnet dont like the fact theyre living together not married and they attack her. So to keep the peace, the reverend marries the couple, out of convenience. Can Kenneth and Shannon live under the same roof married but just friends or will he see beyond her scars and see the love she has to give him And what about Emma Will she finally bond to Kenneth and eventually call him pa
This is my 22nd of 22 western frontier eBooks I have written since 2011.
To check out my 385 page Western Frontier eBook, Visit:
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