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Riding Lessons

Rick Baer Training Stables in Huntington Beach, CA
Rick Baer Training Stables
Trainer: Rick Baer
Western Riding Lessons / Beginner-Advanced
Huntington Beach, CA
Here at Rick Baer Training Stables, we offer a PROFESSIONAL western horseback riding lesson & horse training program. Having over 30 years of proven performance & experience is what sets
us apart from other western training programs. Our barn is a full service performance horse training facility specializing but not limited to, the exciting equestrian sport of Reining.
The riding lessons are designed for each individual, customizing the needs for the beginner/green rider through to the advanced rider, either training to show competitively, wanting to brush up on your horsemanship skills or for leisure. We proudly provide the use of our highly respected and sweet natured CHAMPION horses within our lesson program a very rare opportunity within most lesson programs. Our assistant trainers/instructors are true horseman, highly skilled & trained with life-long horsemanship experience. We value the importance of giving you a solid foundation & avoiding the creation of bad habits. We teach you everything from the fundamental basics, to fine tuning & honing the skills of the seasoned rider. Children and adults are welcome.
  • Recreational
  • Reining
  • Western Pleasure
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