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H4 Performance Barefoot Trimming in Colorado Springs, CO
H4 Performance Barefoot Trimming
Performance barefoot trimming for the equine in your life
Colorado Springs, CO
Danielle Shepard
Four hooves, four hearts.

Your horse can be barefoot AND perform to the highest standard . Whether it be on the trail or in the show arena, your horse can do it barefoot! If your horse just needs a trim or you would like your horse to transition to barefoot, give me a call or send me an email! Visit my website to view all of my experience and knowledge and also for more information about going barefoot. Your horse will thank you! You can bet that I will be on time to your appointment and kind with your horse.

I am also a certified equine sports massage therapist, so I am able to do body work on your horse as well. Massage and massage/ trim package deals are available through my website.

I serve Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Southern Denver.
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