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Farm Sitters

Respected Reliable Family Farm Sitting in De Leon Springs, FL
Respected Reliable Family Farm Sitting
De Leon Springs, FL
Cookson Family
If your going our of town for a day or a week. Needing someone reliable to sit your farm can be difficult. Our service can provide. Your farm With am & PM feeding. Watering all animal tubs. Throwing hay. Checking your fence. Our family has years of experience with animals and know if their are any issues on what to do and who to call to resolve the matter ASAP. I know when we travel out of town it is a challenge to find that someones you can trust. We provide a professional team to help so you can enjoy your vacation and leave your farm in trusted hands. We are here when you need an extra hand. We Can check in or text you daily on all updates to insure your animals are all safe and sound. And you farm is secure on your arrival.

Offering feed & supply delivery from your feed store to your barn.

Feed store owners & managers
Black Smith - Farriers
Dental Specialists
Agricultural Department
Hay Distributors
Respected business owners and neighbors in our community Voluisa County

My family & i have numerous contacts if you're needing other services provided. We would be happy to give you their names and numbers.

Knowledge in a wide selection of livestock animals and know how to handle animals.
All breeds of horses all sizes and all temperments. Confidence Patients and a bond of trust between human an animals can be amazing. We practice our family's horsemanship and natural animal handling gentle techniques.

Exotic Hoof Specie
snakes reptiles lizards
All breeds of dogs

Can apply medication and work with injuries or pregnant animals. First aid animal certified.

Willing to listen and eager to learn this is your farm your animals - can even sit your household animals if needed.

Affordable rates. Farm sitting, general farm clean up, fence repair, feed delivery, tractor work, bush hogging and more. Or if you needing a power clean up farm day give us a call we provide a full team to get the job done ASAP.

Thanks for your time Osten 407 748 9463

Building basic small animals structures - chicken coop - rabbit huts - goat houses - full stables - portable structures - spa gazebos - car ports. We too can assist with tree removal remodeling your fencing or starting from new. No job is to big or too small. Affordable rates for quality services and fencing & structures that last. Use pressure treated wood star bit galvanized screws - animal approved stain- Animal quality wire . For the overall safety of your animals. We accommodate if your looking to put up a small paddock with wire or wood fencing to acres needing clearing to your basic solar 16 ft gate.

All hobbyist items are designed and made custom for your animals needs. Exterior design consultants FREE estimates while in your area. Travel Voluisa & surrounding areas.
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