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Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy Inc. in Bell, FL
Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy Inc.
We are SAVING one Horse and one Child at a time. By GOD's divine grace.
Bell, FL
Cynthia Ellis
2757 NW 67th Court
Bell, FL 32619
Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit, volunteer based humane organization whose mission is to ensure quality care and treatment of horses through intervention, education, and outreach.

Our Physical address is located at 2757 NW 67th Court, Bell, Florida 32619.
We are located on 43 acres of beautiful Bahia grass.

We have 17 Paddocks that are -2.5 Acres each. One horse or two ponies to each Paddock.
We are a Suwanee River Water Management District CARES Farm. Awarded 2010. Our farm practices are Rotational Grazing and also the Mineral and Supplement Rotation Program. We respect our environment and farm.

For the rescue, retirement and rehabilitation of abandoned, unwanted, abused, neglected and discarded Horses, Ponies, and Farm Animals such as Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Cow, Dogs and Barn Cats. Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc. is dedicated to provide a safe sanctuary, for nurturing and a healing environment for the abused and/or neglected animals.

To provide a safe, nurturing and healing environment for economically disadvantaged, abused, neglected, handicap, and at-risk children and adults. To rebuild and relearn trust, self-esteem, nurturing and love in the healing process. Starting with the horses allow this hurting animal time to heal and regain trust with humans.

You want to feel a live. Come spend a day with us at Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc. Brushing the ponies and Horse. What better way to De-Stress and Relax. Make some pony or horses day. We need volunteers, for all kinds of things.
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