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Equine Dental Specialist Inc in De Leon Springs, FL
Equine Dental Specialist Inc
Natural Horsemanship at Affordable Rates
De Leon Springs, FL
Equine Maintenance Services coming to your area schedule now for special afforable rates.

Equine Dental Specialist, EQDT

Call to inquire prices and information at show contact info

We are specialist in your horses mouth. Trusted gentle family pratice. Recognized and established in the Equine community for quality full maintenance services for your horses care.

All services are provided by seasoned Equine & business professional's. Husband & Wife Team. Clinically Educated from Equine Dental Academy MI. Manual Teeth Reductions, Caps Removal, Floating Premolars, Molars & Inscisors, gum controll- No power tools. Practice natural horsemanship & gentle techniques for your horses care. Our professional team works with no Sedation. We have 70 years of horse, farm experience.

Proud horse owners and level three Parelli family.

Schedule originated and time efficient. No barn too big or too small.

Giving thanks to your horses with our special summer 2015 cash rates for annual refloats Cash Price $85 & up. Complete dental service for your horses care.

From miniature horses, rescues, donkeys, show, performance, retired, pets to Cydlesdale's. Prices range due to services provided, harder to handle & head shy, breeds and temperament, location, amount of horses serviced per trip. The more horses the better the price. Ask your neighbors or horse friends offer multi horse rates for horses serviced in the same area on the same day.

We take pride in our services. Providing your animals with a full five star service. Some of our References Voluisa & Marion County sheriffs departments since 2008 & numerous rescue organization since 2008 - Educational Natural Horsemanship Dental Care documentary for the National Geographic Television 2011.

Quality services provided by a quality team. Deposits are non refundable - 24 hour notice for cancelations
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