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The Powder Forest in McDonough, GA
The Powder Forest
Dressage and Natural Horsemanship
McDonough, GA
Sandi Forester
Teaching people to train their own horse.

Dressage training - intro through FEI levels, using a classical dressage approach. Show prep and coaching also available.

Foundation building for riders of all disciplines including western, huntseat, gaited, etc, using natural horsemanship and classical dressage principles. We focus on:

- Understanding the nature of the horse
- Developing an independent seat and correct use of aids
- Learning timing and feel
- Establishing leadership
- Creating lightness
- Encouraging your horses athleticism
- Fostering a true partnership between horse and rider

Especially for beginners and new horse owners, we offer lessons in complete horsemanship - including ground work, fitting of tack, horse health care and management, and more.

A horse trainer and riding instructor for over 40 years, Sandi has extensive experience working with a variety of challenges and unique situations, including:

- Adult beginner riders
- Riders returning after a long break
- Riders dealing with fear and confidence issues
- Horses with a history of abuse and mishandling
- Horses with limited, incomplete, or incorrect training
- Horses of many different breeds and temperaments

The Powder Forest is located in McDonough, GA - within a half hour drive from Atlanta's Southside. Our location close to I-75 provides easy access for riders living in McDonough, Hampton, Stockbridge, Jonesboro, Conyers, Griffin, Fayetteville, and any of Atlantas Eastside and Intown neighborhoods.
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