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Mid-State Farm in Dudley, GA
Mid-State Farm
Dudley, GA
Michael Thompson
We have high quality Alicia Bermuda and Coastal Bermuda hay for sale as well as a blend of Cheyenne II, Mohawk, and Giant Bermuda that aids in better digestion. These are 4x5 netwrapped rolls. These rolls are tight and highly fertilized. Our bales are stored in a very large completely covered building with concrete floors from the time they are baled to the time you pickup or we deliver them. Our bales are stacked on plastic pallets so that they do not sweat or mold. We do offer some pure Coastal hay for $50.00 per bale as well. Delivery is available within 50 miles. Orders in multiples of 10 at a time only for delivery. A $5.00 cost per bale is added for delivery. We have hundreds of bales available so we can supply your hay needs for all of your livestock and horses. Give us a call at 478-595-7634 or 478-278-9511.
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