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In Unison Farm LLC in Adairsville, GA
In Unison Farm LLC
Trainer: Lee Ann Gilson
If you are wanting to have a partnership with your horse and not just control it, look no further
Adairsville, GA
Lee Ann Gilson
I start young, fix spoiled, and "finish" horses. I am a graduate A pony clubber who has a quiet approach to riding horses that gets the job done. I believe in riding off the seat and legs, not the hands. I am an Eventer so Dressage and jumping are my strongest disciplines, but I have also worked with western and trail horses. I will make your horse enjoyable for you, references available upon request.
  • Cross Country
  • Dressage
  • Fox Hunting
  • Jumping
  • Problem Solving
  • Recreational
  • Sporthorse
  • Untrained
Created: 12/29/2008 | Last update: 12/14/2015 | Views: 5242 | Report a Problem

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