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Paradise Ranch in Locust Grove, GA
Paradise Ranch
Trainer: Gudrun Dees
Safe Horsemanship with a Woman's Touch
Locust Grove, GA
If you are new to horses or thinking about buying your first horse, if you have never ridden before and think now you are too old, if you had a horse related injury, or if you have a show horse that you simply don't trust out of the comfort zone of an enclosed arena, you may have experienced some fear issues. Let me help you become a more confident rider and partner for your horse! Specializing in adult riders new to horses or starting over using Natural Horsemanship Methods that will lead to a partnership between horse and rider. Foal Handling, starting young horses under saddle, problem solving, de-spooking, trail obstacles, and more.
  • Colt Starting
  • Family
  • Problem Solving
  • Recreational
  • Rehabilitation
  • Untrained
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