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Summer Camps

Grove River Ranch LLC in Gillsville, GA
Grove River Ranch LLC
Equestrian Center & Retreat
Gillsville, GA
C.J. Farmer
Day camps are 2 or 4 day formats, resident camps are 2-7 days, offered during summer vacations, spring and fall breaks, and Christmas break. Introductory "small stirrup" camp for 6-8 year olds. Horse-related academics, horsey arts and crafts, and making new horse-loving friends. Classroom, demonstrations and practical application to learn horse care and horsemanship riding skills. Minimum of 3 hours of riding daily. Beginners to advanced, campers grouped by age and experience level. Intermediate and advanced camps will focus on horse show basics or trail riding. Camp Director has over 35 years experience with horses, breeding, training, boarding, seven years of competition on a national level,15 years as a riding instructor. At the end of the camp session, campers will demonstrate some of their newly acquired skills for parents.
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