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Norris Horsemanship in Wisner, LA
Norris Horsemanship
Trainer: Dustin Norris
Specializing in Colt starting
Wisner, LA
Our specialty is colt starting. We also help troubled horses move past their issues and bad habits, have exercise routines for those horses that just need more miles, and our little girl trains minis and shetlands. We have some spots coming available soon. We offer 1 week, 2 week, and 30 day training sessions. You pay for days so everyday the horse isn't worked is not a mark against the days you paid for. Fees include 2x a day grain feeding, hay, water, stall, 24 hour surveillance, handling and grooming, and training session everyday weather permits. We go above and beyond to involve the owner in the training process and post training updates and pics most days so the owner can watch the transformation their horse is going through while here. some days we get stuck in school and noone can take pics Your horse is in the best hands when he/she comes to see Dustin Norris at Norris Horsemanship! Give us a call to schedule today! Limited monthly spots. We are located in Wisner, LA... Right at 45 minutes from Natchez, MS. We do offer pick up and delivery.
Phone: 318261-0005
email: norrishorsemanship@gmail.com
website: norrishorsemanship.com
You can also check out our references and work on fb, just look up Norris Horsemanship and like the page to stay updated on training spot availability and product promotions.
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