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Century 21 Ed Pariseau, Realtors in North Attleboro, MA
Century 21 Ed Pariseau, Realtors
The Pariseau Family has been in business in the Attleboros since 1911.
North Attleboro, MA
Lisa Sheldon
555 Elm Street
North Attleboro, MA 2760

First to serve the public was George H. Pariseau, Sr., who founded and operated Pariseau Construction Co. He was later joined by Ed Pariseau, Sr. and together they continued to build a reputation for quality workmanship at a fair and honest price. After George H. Pariseau, Srs retirement, Ed Pariseau, Sr., continued with the construction business.

In 1966, he and Eleanor Pariseau, founded Ed Pariseau Real Estate Inc. Based on the growth accomplished between 1966 and 1971 in the real estate division, they decided to place more emphasis on real estate sales. In keeping with tradition, Ed Pariseau, Jr., joined the staff in 1971, and as a result of their combined efforts, a second office in Attleboro was opened in September 1977. A third office was opened in Mansfield in April 1981.

In the mid to late 70s it was very apparent that relocating families were beginning to play a larger role in the local real estate market. These families needed more help more information, and more time to research the housing market. It was also very evident that the Relocation Companies were going to play a much larger role in the local market. To service both sides of the market Ed Pariseau Real Estate Inc. established a relocation department in 1978. Since that time we have serviced thousand of families coming into the area and have managed and marketed over one thousand homes for Relocation Companies.

During the early and mid 1990s the real estate market was changing in a very dramatic way. Smaller Companies were merging to try to create more market presence. Technology in the Real Estate industry was moving forward at lightening speed and the national networks were growing rapidly. In June of 1996 Ed Pariseau Real Estate, Inc., became CENTURY 21 Ed Pariseau, Realtors. CENTURY 21 Ed Pariseau, Realtors is on the cutting edge of technology in the real estate business, has an international relocation program, offers mortgage services, and the very best marketing materials in the industry.

Today, we look to the future with a traditional goal in mind continued superior service by experienced, professional, knowledgeable and courteous Sales Associates. Personal referrals from satisfied Sellers and Buyers have accelerated the growth of our Company in the past, and will continue to be our main priority in the future.

We look forward to servicing your Real Estate needs.
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