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Garland Equine Dentistry in Gibsonia, PA
Garland Equine Dentistry
Regular and specialty care of horse's teeth, servicing PA, OH and WV
Gibsonia, PA
Nikki Garland
Services offered:
Farm call/Exam
Reduction of buccal and lingual points basic float
Molar table reduction
Malocclusion correction/Reduction waves, hooks, ramps, steps, ETR
Incisor malocclusion correction
Balancing of incisors
Bit seats
Canine reduction and tartar removal
Wolf tooth removal
Often a basic reduction of buccal and lingual points float is not enough to correct all of the malocclusions in an equines mouth. Extra charges may apply to correct these problems.
Legally a veterinarian must supply or administer all sedation drugs. Horses are required to be sedated for wolf tooth extraction.
If you believe your horse requires sedation for dental procedures please make arrangements with your vet prior to your appointment.
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