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Speechless Dream Farm in Dover, PA
Speechless Dream Farm
Trainer: Trevor Johns
Get their feet right on the ground before you take yours off of it!
Dover, PA
I would first like to add that I specialize in ground manners, green, problem horses, colt starting, and bomb proof trail horses. If you're looking for a well mannered, bomb proof, soft reign, quiet horse than I am the man for the job. Trail horses are my passion! Always have been and always will. However, I will work with any and all horses.

I use all natural horsemanship for training horses. I believe that horses learn the quickest with the release of pressure. I will NEVER beat, abuse, neglect, or tie up any body parts to any horse. I treat every horse as if it were my own.

I don't only train horses I train their owners as well. I am a nice, outgoing, guy and will support you but I'm not afraid to correct you when I have too. I encourage horse owners to be at a few training sessions Not mandatory. However, at the end of your horses training you will be required to partake in a training session with me and your horse. I find it extremely important to know how to properly communicate with your horse in a language that he/she will understand.
  • Family
  • Recreational
  • Reining
  • Untrained
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