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Weaver Polo in Houston, TX
Weaver Polo
Trainer: Jesse Weaver
15 years experience training off the track horses into polo and leisure prospects.
Houston, TX
Jesse Weaver
I'm and ex-professional polo player who's trained, played, and sold over 20 young horses. A majority of my experience is with 2-5 yr old race horses, whom I've calmed, trained, and turned into high quality polo athletes.

I also have experience with cow horses and early stage dressage horses.

If you have a young horse or a problem horse that could use some saddle time, one that you've done all you can and can't seem to figure out, or simply don't have the time to spend, feel free to give me a call or text. My goal is to get you comfortable on your animal and get your animal comfortable with his or her job.

I'm available early mornings, nights, and weekends and am open to negotiation re: price depending on frequency.
  • Colt Starting
  • Family
  • Pole Bending
  • Polo
  • Problem Solving
  • Recreational
  • Untrained
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