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Tanner Farms in Marshall, VA
Tanner Farms
Quality Horse Hay
Marshall, VA
Tanner Farms
PO Box 146
Marshall, VA 20116
We make and sell Superior Quality Horse Hay - No weeds and No mold just quality hay that your horses eat, digest and don't waste. Since we grow, bale and test our own hay versus brokers that just resell someone else's hay, we have control over the quality. We ensure you get the Best Quality Hay.

Brome Grass - Timothy - Orchard - Timothy/Orchard mix - and Timothy/Brome mix square bales available in 40 to 45lbs.

Delivery Available. First Cut - $5.50 per bale picked up $7.00/bale delivered within 100 miles from Winchester, VA, includes stacking in your barn Helper.

BEAUTIFUL Second Cut Grass Hay Available 3rd Cut Alfalfa too!! Delivery is in enclosed box trucks, so weather is not an issue. References and NFTA hay analysis available.

Email: tannerfarms@gmail.com
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