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Eight Hints for Taking Better Photos

Use these guidelines to take great photos

Not everything in life needs a professional photographer. Sometimes, you just want to quickly and easily take a photo. We’ve compiled a list of eight hints that can help you to take better photos. Great photos are, literally, at your fingertips!


Notice where the light is coming from. Lighting can either enhance your photo or it can quickly dull the image and make it difficult to see.

Choose your time of day. It isn’t called the Golden Hour for nothing. The natural lighting during the late afternoon is perfect for photos – bright but not overpowering. Be weary of bright, full-sun days and also at dusk and into the night when natural light is dim.

Know what you are taking a photo of. Make sure the subject of the photo is in focus and well lit.

Take photos from the level of the subject. It will help with perspective and to make it more approachable for the viewer.

Frame your photo. Follow the rule of thirds – imagine a grid of the photo and make sure the object is in one of the intersections of the lines. On most phones, there are settings that allow you to turn grid lines on when you are taking photos.

Notice what is in the background of your photo. Again a simple suggestion but it can change the photo. Too many distractions and objects in the photo take away from the subject of your photo.

Use filters. They are available through most phones and many apps. They can quickly enhance the photo without making multiple tweaks.

Take lots of photos! Snap several photos and choose the best one. In the blink of an eye, someone can… well blink.

Remember, these are just guidelines. The best way to learn is to practice. Get out there and start taking photos!







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