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Scam Alert

At LocalHorse, we are working to protect you, the advertiser and consumer, and the integrity of our LocalHorse community. We review each ad and business listing in an attempt to limit spammers & scammers. Occasionally something may slip through the cracks or you may be contacted by a questionable individual and you will need to use your best judgement. Remember, if something seems suspicious or too good to be true, it probably is.

Protect yourself - Never give out your financial information or any personal information if you are not 100% sure.

Red Flags - if the seller or potential buyer:

  • References use of 3rd party for payment or delivery

  • Ad picture doesn't match description

  • Payment by Western Union, Moneygram, Money Order, or similar

  • Cashier's check for more than the agreed upon amount

  • Poor grammar, wording doesn't fit

  • Obvious lack of knowledge about horses

  • International buyer/seller

Ways to protect yourself

  • When meeting seller or potential buyer, choose a public place during hours where there are people around

  • Don't go alone

  • If you are a novice, take a knowledgeable horse person along

  • Ask for references and actually check into them

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

If you feel that there is a scam ad posted on LocalHorse, report it to us immediately. You can also reports scams to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center.

If there is something in question, we are here and you can send us a submission to review at info@localhorse.com.

Happy searching!

Some examples of scams:

Below are some of the scams that have been tried. Make sure you don't fall prey to them. Personal info has been removed from these messages.
From: andrews hilton <andrewshilton2020@gmail.com>
Subject: interested in your Jumper, Equitation, Event
Hi there ,
I am highly interested in your horse for sale and i really do want to have it so please get back to me if your horse is still available for sale and our last offer...also the condition of the horse and anything you feel i should know about the horse and please do note that payment will only be made by pay pal,i will be the only to arrange the pick up so you have nothing to worry about....thanks

Dear Seller,
Kindly back to me as soon as possible with the present Health condition,the pictures and your last selling price if you still have the HORSE for sale. payment will Be via Banker's Draft drawn from U.S Bank.So kindly get back to me with the bellow details so that the payment can be sent to you if my method of payment is ok by you.

Bellow is the details:

Your full name that will be written on the cheque.

Your contact address where the cheque will be sent to not p.o box.

Your contact cell phone number.




how are you doing i will like to know if you still have stuff you posted on localhorse.com available for sale..if yes do get back to me wioth the current condition

From: packer cole <packer_cole@hotmail.com>
Subject: XXXXX--- - $10,000.00
Hello Seller,how are you doing today and your health?On my searching on www.gahorse.com, i can across your ADs that you have a horse for sale and am so much interested in buying it,I will like you to Answer this few question below if its still available .
1. What is the breed
2. How old
3. Color
4. Gender
5. Age
6. Height
7. Discipline
8. How much are you selling it last
9. Let me know the pickup arrangement though i've a reliable shipper who use to take care of my shipment that can come for the pickup.
10.Payment by bank certified check will be fine for me.Here waiting for your response.

Thanks and God bless,

Best regards

Packer Cole.

Later reply:
Thanks,i have to through the site and am okay with all what is written there,I appreciate it a lot.I am okay with all your words with the price just consider it sold to me and forget about any other buyer Okay....Please let it be on hold for me you can remove the ads from the website. As i am willing to make the payment before any other interested person.But because my wife is ill and i have to take good care of her and kids very well.I will instruct my client to issue the bank cheque for this amount plus the shipping fees which the total of the check will be $20,000 all together.once you receive the check and have it clear the bank as i know it only take 24 hours or 2 to 3 days for a check to clear,once it does clear,you'll deduct the cost of the Item and send the rest of the funds via western union money transfer to the shipping company for the shipping beneficary and the cost for transfer fee will be deduct from the balance as well ok so that they can prepare the necessary paper works and facilitate the pick up arrangement when coming for the pick up.

I have also spoken with Mr Michael King the person that will come for the pick up from your location and he has agreed to make the arrangement after you migth have recieved the payment.
Therefore,I will need the the following information for the payment to be made......

{1} Name that the check will be made payable to
{2} The address it will be sent to through a Fedex fast express courier service that will be delievered to you ASAP.
{3}I will also need your phone number so that the courier postman can call you on coming for the delievery of payment to you.

Here waiting for your response.

Thanks and God bless you.

Best Regards

What would have happened?
The horse owner would probably have received a certified bank check and deposited the check with no problem. Actual bank processing takes 7-14 days though. The money sent by money transfer would be in the scammers hands by then and the horse owner would be out the $10,000 difference. The scammer probably never would have come to pick the horse up.

Dear customer, i am Curtis Tony and i will like to know if you do carry (Horse Feeders) in stock if yes please let me know the sizes and the pricerange you do carry availble in stock so that i will make a selection of the (Horse Feeders) so that i will let you know the quantity of (Horse Feeders) that i need, this very urgent, also want to know if you do take credit cards for payment, i will be very glad if you can email me back with your contact phone number. Hope to hear from you soon

Hello how are you doing today,let me start like this I am interested in purchasing your item with no delay,but first? What is the final price of the item? Is a price firm? Will you be accepting a US certified Check or money order Contact me with the present state of the item and your contact information to mail out the payment to you as soon as possible.

Name you want on check:
Home Address:
Phone Number/Office Number:

Hello Seller,
I just want to know if your advert it's still avaliable on sale..Kindly get back to me as soon as possible cos am highly interested..
Mr D Phillips...

More information on scams:

Bay Area Equestrian Network's Scam Info page (Excellent!)
The FTC's scam info site
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